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Fighting the opioid epidemic through education and prevention.

Empowering individuals to live safer, healthier, and more resilient futures through opioid education, mental wellness support, and effective pain management strategies. With CWC, prevention is possible. One patient at a time.

Resiliency is our goal.

We work proactively to provide mental wellness tools to a patient’s toolbox before they begin to experience a health crisis.


Our mission

To prevent opioid addiction before it begins by rewriting the narrative surrounding opioid misuse, equipping communities with mental wellness tools, and providing a holistic approach to pain management for anyone experiencing a health crisis.

Provide help when it matters most.

Rewriting the narrative around opioid misuse starts with raising awareness. We focus on education, wellness support, and community advocacy to demystify addiction.

Life Care Specialists

A new program created for hospitals, allowing them to support both inbound and outbound patients with opioid education and evidence-based mental wellness support.

Youth Care Coaches

With the fentanyl crisis, street drugs, and youth mental health issues skyrocketing, our Youth Care Coach program creates community health advocates for the next generation.

Wellness Programs

Learn the essential skills to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health obstacles using the Trauma Resource Institute’s Community Resiliency Model®.

Christopher’s life could have been saved by a Life Care Specialist.

When our founder, Cammie Wolf Rice, lost her son, Christopher, it set in motion her mission to prevent others from suffering the same fate by creating the Life Care Specialist (LCS).

Each badge represents a moment when a Life Care Specialist could have provided proactive intervention or alternative pain management tools that would have radically impacted Cammie and Christopher’s heartbreaking journey with opioid addiction.

Be a force for change.

Donations directly support our fight to provide holistic health approaches to all who are struggling.

The Numbers Behind Opioid Misuse

470,000+ have lost their lives to opioids since Christopher’s passing in 2016.



People worldwide suffer from Opioid Use Disorder.



Of heroin users started with prescription opioids.


U.S. deaths per day in 2021 
from fentanyl crisis and opioid overdose.



Increase in opioid overdose deaths since the beginning of COVID.

Get your copy of The Flight.

Join Cammie Wolf Rice as she tells her personal story of loss to the opioid epidemic, detailing the events that led to the creation of CWC and her fight to end opioid dependence.

“Gut-wrenching, inspiring, educational, and actionable all at once! Cammie Wolf Rice not only provides a moving tribute to her beloved son but also tackles the depth of the issue of addiction our country faces, together with specific ways to solve it.”

Claire Collobert

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