BE WELL is CwC’s program which integrates opioid education into the Trauma Resource Institute’s Community Resiliency Model (CRM).

Learn New Skills

The BE WELL program teaches mental health skills to manage stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Misuse prevention significantly increases with the use of these mental health tools.

Increase Resilency and Personal Growth.
Learn CRM skills and tools to improve mental health wellness.
Resolve challenges healthfully and effectively.

Resiliency Model

The Community Resiliency Model was developed by the Trauma Resource Institute to teach mental health wellness skills. These tools specifically help with anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress. It offers ongoing self care strategies, peer-to-peer support, and effective coping skills to increase resiliency.

Atlanta Resiliency for
Frontline Workers

The CWC team has partnered with the Emory School of Nursing to lead CRM trainings for healthcare staff at Grady Memorial Hospital and Emory Healthcare facilities. Our Life Care Specialists have trained over 200 healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, therapists, and public safety staff.

CRM in Cambodia

We are currently working with the Trauma Resource Center to provide CRM trainings to the medical clinic staff at Cambodian Children’s Fund and teachers at the Rice Academy in Phnom Penh.

CRM with Usher’s New Look

CWC has partnered with Usher’s New Look to provide youth CRM workshops in our Be Well program.

Watch CwC x UNL x BGCSM Youth Certification

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“Having experienced the training facilitated by CwC, I am confident that this certification program will meet the needs of the social, emotional health, and wellbeing of the students.”

– Careshia Moore, CEO of Usher’s New Look

Interested in sponsoring our BE WELL initiative? Contact us to learn how you can support the crusade towards ending opioid dependency.