June 23, 2022

Resiliency within Cammie Wolf Rice

Full interview of Cammie Wolf Rice, the founder of the Christopher Wolf Crusade, will share her journey as a mother who lost her beloved son, Christopher, to the Opioid Epidemic.

She brings to light the lost promise of her kind, emphatic son and how he tragically became addicted to opioids in the aftermath of countless surgical procedures and resulting prescriptions. She will share her passionate call to action to face this epidemic with the innovation of creating the Life Care Specialist Program, implementing a new layer of post-surgical prevention within hospitals. Out of a mother’s love and in Christopher’s memory, she will illuminate how her grief sparked her to create solutions to this epidemic threatening the fabric of our society. She will discuss how wellness strategies work to prevent self-medicating and the critical importance of innovative prevention she is bringing forth within hospitals via Life Care Specialists.