August 15, 2019

Prescribed Poison: One Night Spent Overdosed on Opioids.

“It felt like someone stabbed me in my lower back and twisted the knife back and forth.” Listening to the […]

August 13, 2019

Fentanyl: Smaller Than Salt, Dead in 15 Minutes

“Carfentanil doesn’t even weigh on a scale. But kills in 15 minutes!” – Fight Against Fentanyl Imagine this. Your child, […]

August 8, 2019

HHS Awards Nearly $400 Million to Combat the Opioid Crisis [Press Release]

Via: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2019 Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through the […]

August 2, 2019

Take Charge: 3 Questions To Always Ask Your Doctor When Given a New Prescription

It’s easy to assume that doctors and medical professionals know it all. Have you ever been diagnosed with a condition, […]

July 26, 2019

3,271 Pill Bottles, a Town of 2,831: Court Filings Say Corporations Fed Opioid Epidemic (Repost)

This article was first featured in The New York Times on July 19, 2019. Written by Jan Hoffman, Katie Thomas and Danny Hakim. Cities and counties […]

July 12, 2019

The Importance of Teen Substance Abuse Prevention (Repost)

This article was first featured in AddictionCenter on June 25, 2019. Written by Krystina Murray. Photos Added by CWC. Teen […]

July 10, 2019

CBD Oil & Sports (Opinion)

Disclaimer: This is a writer’s personal opinion on how to deal with pain.  I’ve been a sports fan most of […]

July 5, 2019

Pain Societies Told to Disclose Financial Ties to Opioid Makers (News)

This article first appeared in Medscape, on July 2, 2019. Written by Megan Brooks. Photos added by CWC. The US […]

July 3, 2019

Senate Empowers New Yorkers To Combat Opioid Abuse And Overdoses (News)

This article first appeared in The New York State Senate, on June 12, 2019.  (Albany, NY) The Senate today will pass […]

June 28, 2019

With Opioid Prescriptions on the Decline, AMA President says ‘That’s Not Enough.’

According to, The National Institute of Health, 25% of patients who have used of opioids to aid and assist with […]