May 20, 2019

This Is What Happens to Your Brain on Opioids (Video)

The National Geographic released a short film that shows how common injuries can lead to pain, depression, and opioid addiction […]

May 17, 2019

Popping Xannies: A Trend That Could End Your Child’s Life.

Long gone are the days when “street” drugs were safe for consumption. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, considering the fact that […]

May 16, 2019

Drug Use is Popular… But Who’s to Blame, the “Culture” or Ourselves?

Music. Parties. Drugs…. Sometimes it seems as if all of the above go hand in hand… like you cannot have […]

May 15, 2019

Civil Charges Filed: Pennsylvania Claims Purdue Pharma is at Fault for Opioid Epidemic.

For the past two years, the state of Pennsylvania has been investigating pharmaceutical “giants” like Purdue Pharma for its role […]

April 24, 2019

Four Ways to Prevent the Stronghold of Addiction in Your Life

In our last article, Four Factors That Could Make You More Prone To Addiction, Nurse Anderson, RN, of the VA […]

April 19, 2019

Four Factors That Could Make You More Prone To Addiction

As the opioid epidemic continues to spiral out of control, nurses have a firsthand look at the effects of opioid […]

April 16, 2019

Pet Sacrifices: The Opioid Epidemic’s Latest Victims

According to recent reports, there has been a spike in opioids prescriptions at veterinary offices… but the reason so many […]

April 12, 2019

“Emory, Hazelden Betty Ford in Talks About Plan to Fight Opioid Crisis”

Our founder, Cammie Wolf Rice was featured in an article posted today by the AJC News surrounding the opioid crisis: […]

April 10, 2019

Words are Powerful. Are You A Part of the Problem?

There are many stigmas surrounding opioids, substance abuse, and addiction. Unfortunately, more often than not – it is the stigma […]

April 4, 2019

History Repeated? Heroin was Once Sold Over the Counter Too…

Opioid addiction is arguably the worst epidemic in United States history… but we didn’t get here overnight. To understand the […]